Re-Opening Plan

ReOpening Announcement

Hey friends!  Dayspring is blessed with a beautiful building to gather, but the building is not the church.  You are the church.  I am the church… And we are the church in whatever location we might be!  Yet, we are excited to be able to meet again, together, in the same space!


Starting Sunday June 7th, Dayspring will once again offer in-person worship services in the sanctuary!  June 7th, that’s soon!  We are excited to come together again!  Thank you for remaining faithful as we have met exclusively online.


We understand that some of you might not be ready to enter into a group setting, and that is okay.  We are here for you, and we will continue to offer support online for you and your family with messages, Bible studies, and moments of worship and encouragement.  


If you will be joining us in the sanctuary it will look a little different.  It might feel a little different at first. 


Here are a few things you need to know to make your transition back easy and safe:  


First, we want you to know that we are doing our part to keep you safe and healthy.  


  • Cleaning.  We have a cleaning company that comes each week and uses hospital grade cleaners to sanitize all of our spaces and surfaces.  We also sanitize areas before and after each service to ensure that the church is ready for you!

  • Extra Sanitizing Focus.  We have *many* hand sanitizing stations around the lobby, entry way, and bathrooms.  If you need it, we’ve got you covered!  We also have additional 'self-serve' sanitizing options that are available in common areas like bathrooms, if you wish to use them.

  • Masks.  You are welcome to wear a mask or any other personal protective items that you feel you need.  We respect your decision if you choose to wear a mask or not.  If you want a mask but forget to bring yours with you, we have extra disposable surgical masks that will be available at the Welcome Center.  

We are glad you will be here, and we have some additional guidelines to help keep everyone safe:


  • Keep safe space.  Space is grace!  We will continue to observe the 6 ft social distancing rules as directed by our local government.  Hi-Fives and hugs will return eventually, but for now waves, words, and smiles will have to do.  

  • Easier entry.  We will prop doors open to make it easy for you to move through common spaces easily without touching surfaces.

  • Family Seating.  We ask that family groups sit together in the sanctuary.  We have adjusted seating options, making ever other row available.  You are free to grab a seat in any open row.  The balcony is also open and available.

  • Children's & Youth Groups.  For at least the first few weeks, there will be no nursery or Children’s Church.  We will also not offer in-person student ministry gatherings.  We know that your kids are your most precious gifts from God, and for now they are safest with you.  Pastor Lia will continue to offer a kids lesson every Sunday, just as we have been offering in our online services.  Pastor Andy will also continue zoom meetings and live services for the students.

  • Offering.  Instead of offering plates being passed, you can give your gift securely online through our website.  You can also drop off your gift in one of the black Offering Boxes located by the main entry doors, or deliver your gift to the church office during the week.


A few additional specifics that were not mentioned in our video:

  • We are asking everyone to enter through the main entrance at the front of the sanctuary.  The side "family entrance" will not be open.

  • Complementary coffee, tea, and snacks that have normally been served in the lobby will temporarily be unavailable.

  • Communal pens will not be made available in the seats.  Please bring one with you, or you can pick up one at the Welcome Center.

  • Pastor Lia is making available a kids activity pack for any children who come with their parents to the in-person worship service.  The activity items will reinforce the kids Bible story and lesson for the week.  That being said, please feel free to bring your own "quiet activity" items for your child.  Whatever works best for you and your family!


We are doing our part to keep everyone protected, and so we ask that you do YOUR PART as well.  

If you are sick or think you might be getting sick – stay home.  Our services will be live-streamed online, so you can still join us from the comfort of your home. 

If you:

  • Have had a fever within the last 48 hours,

  • Have been exposed to someone who could have covid, OR

  • Notice that your sense of taste or smell has been diminished


Then just stay home, friends.  Help us keep Dayspring a safe space for people to worship together.


Whether you join us in person  or join us online, remember:  We are united.  We are determined.  We choose Faith over fear!  Thank you friends, and we will see you at church!

If you have any additional questions that were not answered here, please contact the main church office.  Our phone number is listed at the bottom of this page.

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