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School-Age Summer Programs

Fun & Creativity for Everyone!

Our full day summer program serves children who have completed kindergarten through age ten.

Our summer programming provides a safe environment for your elementary-aged child.  Your child will have tons of fun through a variety of activities geared toward their age group, while also reinforcing those school habits they need to be successful when they return to school. 

Our highly qualified teachers make sure your children have fun but we also keep their learning skills sharp!

The program includes breakfast, lunch and snack daily as well as all activity fees. All of our “field trip” experiences are in house to keep your child safe and provide us the opportunity to make sure social distancing happens.


Weekly crafts offer a creative outlet for your future artist.


Rhythm, pitch, tone, and melody are provide great learning opportunities for your child!


Sometimes you gotta just dance!  Plus, movement is vital to development.


Our teachers include reading and writing into each day's lesson plan!


We find creative ways to reinforce the math skills your child needs to retain.

Outside Play

Playtime is essential, and water play-days are too!

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