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Series Overview:

Join us as we dive into our teaching series, "Early Church". As we become the church God intended for us to become, lives will be changed spiritually and physically. As the Gospel goes forth to everyone, problems will arise but can be solved through the power of the Holy Spirit. Freedom comes when the the Spirit of God moves. 

Week #1 - What did Jesus intend the church to become? We can learn powerful lessons from what we see modeled in the early church. . Acts 2:41-47.

Week #2 - Discover more about the miracles the apostles performed and what you and I can learn from these powerful demonstrations of the power of God. Acts 3:1-10. 

Week #3 - What frequency are you tuned into? Discover how listening, trust and obedience play such key roles in our walks with Jesus. Learn from Peter and Cornelius in Acts 10 about how you can increase your faith. 

Week #4 - Disagreements and conflicts within the church are unavoidable. Church can be messy because people are messy. But through the power of the Holy Spirit we can choose to stay on mission for the Kingdom. 

Week #5 - Freedom is available to all of us. Freedom from spiritual darkness, physical struggles, spiritual blindness - God offers everyone freedom. 

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