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Dayspring Kids

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Here are a few ideas on how you and your family can share God's Love in practical ways. If you need a suggestion for a recipient for your kind deed, please contact the church office.  We would be honored to connect you with someone from our community.

Make sure to share your Faith-In-Action activities with us!  You can post on our Facebook page, or email us your 10-second video!

Take flowers or cards to neighbors

Mail encouraging notes to first responders, elderly, or family

Make a meal for the homeless shelter

Send a care package to a soldier who is away from home

Offer to run errands (pick up groceries or medicines) for someone

Send a gift card to a college student

Donate blood

Offer to wash your neighbors windows

Mow a lawn, pull weeds

Clean up trash

Deliver pizza to your local fire or police department

Face-Time or video chat with someone who lives alone

Paint rocks with encouraging messages, and deliver around town

Have dinner delivered to aide a tired parent

...What other ideas have you thought of?  Share them with us so we can grow this list!

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